I find great importance in commissioning and performing new music for trombone. I have had the opportunity to work with wonderful composers, and I urge you to visit their websites and listen to their work. 


Adam Neal (b. 1981) - Work Songs (12:00) - Premiered in 2018 at ECU. 

Instrumentation: Trombone, Horn, & Tuba

Adam Neal (b. 1981) - Shoulder to Shoulder (8:00) - Premiered in 2018 at NACWPI Conference. 

Instrumentation: Trombone & Horn

"Written for Height Difference Duo"

Stephen Feigenbaum (b. 1989) - Monument (7:00) - Premiered in 2018 at East Carolina University. 

Instrumentation: Trombone, Trumpet, & Piano

"A work based on a the grand canyons, written for the Eastwind Duo"

Jose F. Hernandez (b. 1997) - Reflect (10:00) - Premier set for September 2017 at East Carolina University. 

Instrumentation: Trombone & Piano

"A two movement work with a piano interlude that pays homage to old romantic and impressionist ideas.

Sheila Silver (b. 1946) - Down by the River (5:00) - Premiered May 2016 at Carnegie Hall

Instrumentation: Trombone Quartet

One movement trombone quartet piece based on Raga Shree (from Hindustani Classical Music). The trombone slide is used to evoke this tradition.

Aiden Hartery (b. 1988) - Dual Posaune, for solo trombonist with a dual persona (12:00) - Premiered November 2013

Instrumentation: Solo Trombone

A wickedly theatrical piece for solo trombone that plays on the inner struggle of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Listen to recording -

Bekah Simms (b. 1990) - Fill Your Hands With Work and Lovers - Premier set for January 2016†

Instrumentation: Trombone, Bb Trumpet and Prepared Piano

A wonderful two movement work that explores the many types of sounds possible with the ensemble.

Colin Taylor (b. 1991) - Fragmenting Sky - Premiered July 2013

Instrumentation: Piano, Percussion, and Trombone 

Commissioned by the Talahm an Eisc Trio for their summer 2013 recital  in St. John's Newfoundland. 



Sam S Suggs (b. 1990) - Annie Laurie - Arthur Pryor (5:30) - Premiered April 2014

Instrumentation: Trombone Sextet (Solo Tenor, 3 Tenors, 2 Basses)

An exciting and fun arrangement of the classic show tune, Annie Laurie.  Sextet is organized into two trios. Arranged for the Yale Trombone Studio 2014/2015. 

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Sam S Suggs (b. 1990) - At the River - Aaron Copland (3:30) - Premiered April 2015

Instrumentation: Trombone Choir (6 Tenors, 2 Basses) 

A beautiful rendition of the classic American hymn commissioned for the Florida State Trombone Choir. Performed in Spring, 2015. 

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